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Jamie Barowka
My French Bulldog is OBSESSED

My 7yo Frenchie (Dax) absolutely LOVES this stuff. Honestly I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t eat it but I was completely wrong. He can be picky about eating in general. He will actually go 2-3 days without eating his food sometimes. Since starting Elite Canine he has not missed a dinner. I actually think it has increased his appetite, which is a great thing. I’ve also noticed his coat is much softer. My daughter completely agrees. Every evening I ask him “Do you want your rosehip??” And his ears perk up and he runs to watch me prep his dinner. We are really loving this stuff!!

Hard training requires the best care in the recovery phase.

Baily and Ava have a new product in their armoury in the quest for speed… hard training requires the best care in the recovery phase to be able to race at the highest level. Elite Canine is supporting us in our final preparation phase for our flyball national championships in August.

Owner Katie and mom Sally
She has been keen to go for walks, also she isn’t limping as much.

I have been using the rosehip for dogs on my 11 year lab and it seems to be working a treat! She has been keen to go for walks and even extra walks with our young Labrador, also she isn’t limping as much. We’ve just signed up for the subscription service!

Tamzen Strauss
Sparkling eyes, a shiny coat, wet nose and wagging tail!

My daschund Ruby struggled with itchy, dry skin. We tried various remedies but was unsuccessful. UNTIL we started supplementing her diet with Elite Canine's Rosehip Supplement! The itching almost immediately disappeared and within a week of load dosing her overall skin condition drastically improved. Her skin is hydrated and supple, the condition of her coat has transformed from dull to shiny and healthy. Not only has has her skin and coat condition improved, but her overall mobility has also improved. She also loves the taste Elite Canine. I 100% recommend!

Hanlie Strauss
Healthy skin and coat and muscle formation

Elite Canine really assist with my Great Dane puppy Zuri. She has the mist beautiful black coat and she is growing with beautiful muscle. Big dog breeds tend to lack vitamins in just normal dog food and with this supplement I know she will stay healthy.